22 Sniper Match

.22 Sniper Match Details

4th Saturday Every Month - Registration @ 8:30 am, competition begins @ 9:00 am. During winter months, we may push back to 9:30/10:00 am. Contact Match Director.
H Range

  1. Front and rear rests allowed. No one piece rests allowed.

  2. All targets will be shot prone unless otherwise specified.

  3. 60 round match.

  4. Targets must fall to count.

  5. Ties will be broken by a shoot off.

  6. Sighters at each distance.

  7. Shooter fires 10 rounds only for score.

  8. Four Classes – Heavy Rifle, Light Rifle, Auto, and Bipod.

  9. At each distance, competitors will have 5 minutes for unlimited sighters, then go to it to record fire when zeroed.
    We will shoot 6 competitors at a time.

  10. Match fees are $10. You may shoot an additional gun in another Class for $5.

  11. Distances Size

    50 yd 1" x 2”
    75 yd 2" x 1 5/8”
    100 yd 2" x 3”
    125 yd 3" X 4”
    150 yd 4" X 5”
    200 yd 5" X 6”

  12. Rifles on firing line will not be handled while target setters are down range – bolt open, magazine removed.

  13. Spotters allowed. Bring your own scope.

  14. Competitors not on firing line are expected to help set targets.

  15. Enter H range from behind the Cowboy range.

  16. Rifles may be worked on at the designated Safe Area.
    No ammo allowed at the Safe Area.

  17. Rifles will remain cased or in rack when not on the line – bolt open, magazine removed.

  18. When moving with rifle – bolt open, magazine removed, muzzle up or down.