Lost and Found

magnifying glassThis section is provided as a service to members who may have accidentally left or lost personal items at the facility.  If you believe that you've lost something while at the range, send an email to Lost Items with your item's description, where you think it was lost, and your contact information, and a notice will be listed on this page.  likewise, if you find something that belongs to another member, send an mail with the description, where it was found, and your contact information.

Reminder, please mark your belongings in a way that you can identify them should they become misplaced.


Lost Items

Name Description/Location Last Seen If Found, Please Contact
Larry Fagen

Toyota Rav 4 Wheel Cover.  Lost between entrance and Range K parking lot May 18, 2019


Bill Heath

Black Automatic Pocket Knife lost on Range E August 24, 2019


James McGee

Light Tan Coat lost on Range A November 11, 2019


Benjamin Pruitt

Tan Box of a Few Thousand Rounds of 9mm Ammo, possibly on Range C/D - March 23, 2020






Found Items

Description Location If You Lost It, Please Contact
Safariland 1911 Mag Holder Range A - 4/9/19

Cliff Collins


Baseball Cap with Lettering
Range C - 11/12/19

Cliff Collins


North Face Jacket Found 12/20/19

Aaron Boles


Federal Prem Gold Sierra MatchKing 168 grain 308 Range D - 1/17/20

Loring Jones