Important Announcements

  • Monthly Board Meeting: Monday July 13, 2015 - Range House - 6:00pm - 8:30pm - Open to all Members 
  • Next Work Day: TBD
  • Members: Please Look for Your Annual Membership Renewal Invoice in June
  • 2015 Upcoming Events
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Range Notices/Information

  • Revised .50 BMG Policy - Following a thorough review, the use of .50 BMG firearms is no longer permitted on BGTC Property.
  • General Safety Rule Change: In accordance with NRA Safety Guidelines, eye protection is strongly recommended at all times while on BGTC property.  Certain ranges, training events or shooting competitions may require eye protection as a condition of entry into the event and may include both participants and spectators. Eye protection is mandatory on any BGTC range that involves shooting at steel targets closer than 100 yards.
  • For Gate Access Failure:  Call Membership Secretary - 205-516-6878


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